A Brief History on Dr. Raxlen

Dr Raxlen obtained a B.A. in philosophy and anthropology from Stanford University. It was there he was influenced by his Professor, Gregory Bateson, the noted anthropologist who introduced Dr. Raxlen to “general systems theory”, medical ethnology and communication theory. As a result, during his medical training at the University of Toronto, Dr. Raxlen worked two full summers in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala and San Salvador, assisting medical personnel in helping native Indian people in both countries. He completed an internship at McGill Medical School Hospital Network. He then worked a full year in the emergency room of a large Toronto hospital, as well as serving as an associate “medical house call doctor”.

His interest in medical anthropology in underdeveloped countries took him to Belem, Brazil and the Amazon River, where he spent a year in the Xingu River Basin. He lived with an indigenous Amazonian tribe for six months. There he studied parasitology and other tropical diseases. This resulted in a life long interest in therapeutic herbal medicine.

He returned the following year to begin training at the University of Chicago Medical School. He received a two year advanced fellowship in Family and Child Psychiatry. He was appointed to the faculty as a lecturer in Family and Child Psychiatry.

His practice moved to Connecticut in 1972 where he was appointed lecturer at Fairfield University and Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University. In 1975, he was appointed Director of the Children’s Service Center of Bridgeport and founded the Graduate Center for Clinical Studies at the University of Bridgeport.

After a decade of private practice (1978-1988) pioneering nutritional and integrative psychiatry/ medicine, he became interested in tick-borne disease (Lyme Disease) because of the chronic undiagnosed symptoms of his patients.

Dr. Raxlen’s practice was situated in the highly Lyme endemic areas of Westchester and Fairfield counties. Over the past 15 years, he has successfully treated over thirty-five hundred cases of Tick- Borne Disease (specializing in neuropsychiatric and neurocognitive complications). Over 90% of his practice is now devoted entirely to Chronic Lyme Disease (CLD) and co-infections.

The diagnosis and treatment of Tick-Borne Disease (TBD) is complicated and requires not only clinical observation but also modern medical technology. This includes, utilization of advanced radiology (SPECT and MRI), comprehensive neuropsychiatric evaluation (testing), serology from specialty laboratories, advanced co-infection testing (Babesia, Bartonella, and Ehrlichia), sleep lab assessment and physical therapy evaluation. Presently, Dr. Raxlen is one of the few family psychiatrists in the tri-state area to initiate a total comprehensive treatment program which utilizes both oral and intravenous (IV) antibiotic treatment. He also uses other treatment strategies such as neuropharmacology and stress management for:

  • depression
  • panic disorder
  • bipolar mood disorder
  • epileptiform seizure activity
  • ADD
  • memory loss
  • sleep disorder and pre-frontal lobe deficit syndrome.

He employs nutriceutical supplements to support the patient’s natural immunologic healing system.

He was an original member and co-founder of AIMS (Academy for Integrated Medical Studies) and served for several years on the Board of Directors of the Omega Institute. He was a founding member of ILADS, and was elected secretary of the first board of governors of ILADS (the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society). He has been a featured speaker in more than forty workshops over the years on topics ranging from psychiatry, drug abuse, psychoneuroimmunology and Tick-Borne Diseases. He has been on national television (ABC, NBC, Fox) discussing the medical concerns which pertain to TBD. Dr. Raxlen is featured on the Discovery Channel in the Mystery Illness discussing Lyme Disease and it’s diagnosis.

1968 – 1969BA – Stanford University, Palo Alto, California
Major: Philosophy and
1960 – 1965Doctor of Medicine – University of Toronto Medical School
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
May 1963 –
Sept. 1963
Emergency Medicine
Quetzaltango, Guatemala
Worked as an extern in a mountain hospital administering emergency care to native Indian populations
1965 – 1966Rotating Internship – Montreal
Jewish General Hospital Montreal,
Quebec, Canada
June 1966 –
Oct 1966
Emergency Room Medicine – North York General Hospital
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Responsible for Emergency Room
services and house call medicine
1966 – 1967Tropical and Emergency Medicine
Belem, Bahia and Rio de Janeiro,
Worked intensively in the Amazon basin Xingu River estuary serving
Indian population in parasitology
1967 – 1968First Year Psychiatric – Hawaii
Integrated Psychiatric Program
months – Chronic care, state
hospital for severely, emotionally
disturbed; Kaneohe State Hospital. Primarily schizophrenia and
schizoaffective disorders months – Outpatient, emergency and
inpatient hospital psychiatry,
Queens Hospital, Department of
Psychiatry, Honolulu, Hawaii.
Special research in child and cross-cultural psychiatry and
anthropology with Gregory
1968 – 1969Exchange Program – General
Medicine (6 months)
Israel – Kibbutz: Kafar Blum Arad
Responsible for general medical
services: research on socialization of early childhood in Kibbutz
1968 – 1969Drug Abuse Fellow – Illinois Drug Abuse Program (6 months) heroin
addiction and amphetamine abuse Jerome Jaffe, MD Director
Responsible for the overall medical duties and psychiatric consultation to the drug abuse program,
including an in-hospital, closed
unit at the University of Chicago
Medical School. Medical Director, Gateway
House (Therapeutic Community)
July 1969 – July 1971Second and Third Year Residency
University of Chicago Medical
Department of Psychiatry
Daniel X. Freedman, Chairman
1971 – 1973Child and Family Psychiatry Fellowship Program
Institute for Teachers of Child and Family Therapy; University of
Pennsylvania; Philadelphia Child
Guidance Clinic, Salvador
Minuchin, MD, Chairman and
Charles Malone, MD, Director of
Child PsychiatryTaught 6 hour
Clinical Seminars in Family
Therapy to Staff of the
Following Centers: Luzerne –
Wyoming Mental Health Center;
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Cumberland Perry County
Interservice Agency; Harrisburg,
Pennsylvania Hall-Mercer Clinic;
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania West
Philadelphia Child Guidance ClinicStaff Psychiatrist – West
Philadelphia Child Guidance
Clinic Evaluation, treatment of
children and families. Supervision of mental health personnel and
medical students
1973 – 1978Director of Training and
Consultation in Family Psychiatry
at the Greater Bridgeport
Community Mental Health Center
Bridgeport, CT
Responsible for the teaching,
training and supervision of the
staff of the G.B.M.F.C. in adult, child and family systems therapy. This
included a weekly 6-hour seminar with didactic teaching, video
tape presentation and a live
demonstration of family cases and oneway mirror supervision.
Clinical consultant and Seminar
Leader at Regional Narcotics
Center Bridgeport, CT
1974 – 1984Psychiatric Consultant at Stratford Counseling Center Stratford, CT
1975 – 1976Consultant
Clifford Beers Child Guidance
Child and Family Psychiatry
New Haven, CTClinical Consultant and Seminar Leader in Family
Therapy for Department of
Children and Youth Services. State of Connecticut Adolescent Unit at
Fairfield Hills Hospital
1975 -1978Director (half-time position)
Children’s Service Center of Greater Bridgeport for State of Connecticut
Completely reorganized failing children’s service treatment center,
establishing a “family school” day
program (25 children – ages 6- 14:
special education services with
classroom behavior modification
and individual and family therapy); crisis unit with direct liaison with Bridgeport Hospital Department of Pediatrics; community-based
services including initiation of
Mental Health team directly into
school system of “exceptional ghetto children” working cooperatively with teachers and school
psychologists. Designed family
therapy component of a 3 year $175,000. Federal grant for early
intervention strategies of high risk (only large grant awarded to Fairfield County for pre-school children in last 10 years). Established an
advisory council composed of
concerned citizens both
professional and non-professional
to assist in the direction of the
Children’s Center.
1983 – 2006Private Psychiatric Practice in
Greenwich, CT. The practice was
situated in a highly Lyme endemic area of Westchester and Fairfield
2006 – PresentHis practice is now situated on the upper west side of Manhattan.
Over the past 27 years, the practice has successfully treated over 1500
cases of “chronic, persistent Lyme disease” (specializing in
neuropsychiatric and neurocognitive complications). Over 80% of
practice time is now devoted to this complex and demanding illness.
The diagnosis and treatment of this multi-systemic illness includes:
utilizing nuclear radiology (SPECT, MRI); neuropsychology (testing);
neuroimmunology (PCR for DNA, Western Blot IGG & IGM); co-infection testing (Babesia and Ehrlichia); sleep lab assessment; auto-immune and endocrine testing. Presently,
I am the only psychiatrist in the tri-state area to initiate a total
comprehensive treatment program, utilizing oral and IV antibiotic
treatment intervention in
conjunction with
neuropharmacology and stress
management for ADD, memory
loss, sleep disorder, and prefrontal lobe deficit syndrome. I have
integrated these treatments with
supportive modalities from my
work in psychoneuroimmunology and nutritional medicine.
2008 – 2017 Served on Board of Governors,
University of the Americas,
West Indies


A.P.A.American Psychiatric Association
A.A.M.F.T.American Association of Marriage and Family Therapist Supervising Member
A.F.T.A.American Family Therapy Association Charter Member – 1979 Initial Organization Meeting – Chicago
A.M.H.A.American Holistic Medical Association
A.A.E.M.American Academy of Environmental Medicine
A.A.O.M.P.American Academy of Orthomolecular Psychiatry


ILADSInternational Lyme and Associated Disease Society


1975 – 1979Staff – Bridgeport Hospital – Bridgeport, CT
Director, Pediatric Psychiatry Consultation: Department of Pediatrics


1971 -1979University of Pennsylvania Medical School
Department of Child Psychiatry
1974 – 1975Fairfield University – Fairfield, CT
1975 – 1977Yale University – Department of Psychiatry
Assistant Clinical Professor
Supervisor of Psychiatric Residents
1975 – 1979University of Bridgeport – Bridgeport, CT
Lecturer and Adjunct Professor


“Learning-Entry into Pattern”

A paper and 45-minute film on Family Investigations in the Azores published in OUR OWN METAPHOR. This is a report in book form edited by Katherine Bateson on the conference in Austria of the Wenner-Gren Foundation – 1968, led by Gregory Bateson. Theme: “Effects of Conscious Purpose on Human Adaptation.” (published)

“Kinesics of Conflict”

Videotape Training Film: a study of four-generation black family showing the kinesics of territorial and hierarchical power relations at Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic.

“Family Diagnostic Treatment Profile”

Special teaching material (20 pages). A specialized diagnostic and treatment profile designed for teaching the fundamentals of family system theory and therapy. (unpublished)

“Bateson, The Ecology of Ideas and Family System Therapy”


“Lyme Disease: The Great Masquerator”

book in progress

“From Local Lyme to Universal Borreliosis – Complex Clinical Observations in a 15 year Neuropsychiatric Practice”

(unpublished paper with clinical cases)

“Family Co-Infection Syndrome””

(unpublished paper)


“Kick a Blind Man’s Day”

A 3 act play: a drama with a black psychiatrist and a suicidal adolescent as a protagonist, concerning loss, grief and mourning.

“The Gallows Horse and Ballad of Alfie Huff”

A whimsical Western morality play.

“False Dawn”

An adaptation of Elsie Weisel’s “Dawn”, consequences of moral choices.

“Satan’s Gamble”

A 3 act play: a study of altruism during the holocaust.


Stowe, Vermont – 1972

Teaching and supervision in Family Therapy (presentation of work on edited video tape with narration, “Kinesics of Conflict”)

Washington, DC – 1973

Panel Discussant: “Multiple Family Therapy” American Association for Psychiatric Services for Children

Springfield, Massachusetts – 1974

Workshop: Family Systems and Therapy

University of South Carolina Department of Psychiatry – June 1977

A 2 day workshop: Family Systems “Diagnosis and Treatment: A Guide to the Perplexed” Presentation to residents and faculty using specially designed diagnostic/treatment protocol

University of Bridgeport School of Nursing – Bridgeport, Connecticut – 1976

Conference Director: 1 day Workshop with Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic “The Paraprofessional in Family Therapy”

Four Winds Hospital – Katonah, New York – 1980 – 1983

Teaching Seminars Family psychiatry and hospital treatment case presentations

Hershey, Pennsylvania – 1982

Paper presented at the Society for Clinical Ecology. Eating Disorders: Bulimia/Anorexia, An Ecological Approach

Appearance on NBC Today Show

On two occasions – 1980 and 1981

  1. Child Safety and Family Dynamics – Accident prone children and dysfunctional families.
  2. Food Allergy and Behavior and Neuropsychiatry.

Appearance on ABC “Good Morning New York” – 1982

“Food and Mood” – Discussion of diet and nutritional considerations relating to Bulimia, Obesity, Anorexia and Heart disease.

Lecturer at Omega Institute One Week Workshop – Rhinebeck, New York – 1982

Holistic Health and Psychiatry: A Critical Examination of Philosophy and Methods

Featured Speaker – October 1984

Pastoral Workshop Conference, Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport. “The Soul and the Mind” Spiritual issues and psychotherapy

Guest Speaker – Seton Hall University – 1989

International Catholic Seminars for Catholic Clergy. Post graduate education: Psychoneuroimmunology: A new integration of the CNS and immune system.


Related To Lyme Disease and
Co-Infection Syndrome

May 5-6 1993Sixth Annual Lyme Disease Scientific Conference
Jersey Shore Medical Center
Oct 7 1995Functional Brain Imaging with SPECT
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
Atlanta, Georgia
6.5 CME
April 19-20Chronic Lyme Disease: Basic Science & Clinical Approaches 1996
Boston, Massachusetts
15 CME
April 25-2611th International Scientific Conference on Lyme Disease and 1998
Tick Borne Disorders
Hartford, Connecticut
15 CME
June 3 199811th Annual Symposium: Lyme Disease and Related Infections
Yale University School of Medicine
Attended Lyme Disease Foundation Scientific Conference with CME credit
1995, 1996, 1997, 1988, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004


Videotape of Case presentation – 4 Atypical Lyme Disease Cases of Greenwich Population
Greenwich, Connecticut
“Lyme Disease and Integrative Medicine”
New Jersey with Dr. Lesley Fein and Dr. Brian Fallon
1998Presentation – Featured Speaker
“Chronic Lyme Disease and Neurological Symptoms”
Eastern Connecticut Lyme Support Group
1998Presentation – Featured Speaker
“Chronic Lyme Disease/Psychiatric Syndrome”
Bethel Connecticut Lyme Support Group
1999Presentation with videotape – Featured Speaker
“Lyme Disease and Integrative Medicine”
Trumbull Connecticut Lyme Support Group
1999Founding Member – Secretary of Board of Members
International Lyme Associated Disease Society (ILADS)
Boston, Massachusetts
2000Presentation – Featured Speaker
“Lyme – The Great Imitator”
Greenwich Lyme Disease Task force
Greenwich, Connecticut
2000Presentation – Featured Speaker
“General Overview of Lyme Disease Issues in Large City Population”
New York Lyme Disease Task Force
New York City
2001Presentation – Featured Speaker
“Neuropsychiatric Sequalae of Borrelia”
Wilton Lyme Task Force
Wilton, Connecticut
2001Presentation with colleagues
“ILADS – Case Conference Presentation – 2 Cases of Severe Depression associated with Borrelia”
Princeton, New Jersey
2002Presentation – Featured Speaker
“Borrelia and Co-Infections”
Poughkeepsie Lyme Seminar
Middletown Lyme Seminar
Presented with Dr. Amiram Katz (neurology) and Dr. Dan Cameron (family practice)
2003Presentation with colleagues
“ILADS – Case Conference Presentation – Family Co- Infection Syndrome – Effects on family system of persistent evolving infections”
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2003Presentation – Featured Speaker
“From Lyme to Borreliosis – Clinical Observations in a 15 year Neuropsychiatric Practice”
Newtown Fireside Lyme Seminar
– Public Television Event – Entered in special competition national award
2003Presentation – Featured Speaker
“Integrated Approach to Borrelia and Co-infections”
Lyme Disease Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania
2004Presentation – Featured Speaker
“Lyme Disease Informational Seminar”
Brewster Academy, Wolfeboro, NH
2004Presentation – Featured Speaker
“Systemic & Neuropsychiatric Diagnostic & Treatment Dilemmas in Borrelia & Co-Infections”
National Capital Lyme Disease Association
Sibley Hospital, McLean, Virginia
2005Presentation – Guest Speaker
“30th Anniversary of Lyme Disease with no Compassion Observed!”
Farmington/Unionville Senior Community Center
Unionville, Connecticut
2005Presentation – Guest Speaker
Hope to Heal Lyme Conference
Treating Lyme Disease Using Integrative Medicine
Hyatt Regency Reston
Reston, Virginia
2005Presentation with collegues
ILADS Annual Conference
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania