Case Studies

Case 18

38 year old male with a history of symptoms starting in 2003. At our visit, he reported the following symptoms: pain in his left toes and burning sensation, headaches, pain in knees, tenderness in joints, spots, floaters and black lines across his vision, plantar fascitis, neck stiffness, decrease in energy, intense episodes of nausea and […]

Case 17

47 year old male who presented to our office complaining of multi-systemic symptoms. These symptoms include a history of a tick bite followed by a raised, circular rash on his body, headaches, jaw pain, difficulty swallowing and speaking, double vision, decreased hearing, sound sensitivity, joint pain, neck stiffness, shifting joint pain, drooping shoulders, poor muscle […]

Case 16

24 year old female presents complaining of being very ill over the last year including several hospitalizations. In August of 2004, she reported an onset of abdominal pain which was later diagnosed as pancreatitis. She followed up with a gastroenterologist who diagnosed her with Babesiosis and placed her on Mepron for two weeks. Since that […]

Case 15

March 23, 2005 54 year old female, a registered nurse, was first seen in our practice on July 2, 2004. In the winter of 2001 and 2002, she began to experience persistent pain and weakness in her arms. Later, it included back pain, sore hips all the time, muscle tremors, hypophonia, micrographia and fatigue. On […]

Case 14

39 year old male presents to the office complaining of generalized weakness and numbness with an onset about 6 months ago. He reports numbness in both of his lower extremities up to his umbilicus and describes his hands as “always feeling asleep”. He has been experiencing repeat migraines with photosensitivity and increasing problems with memory […]

Case 13

November 2003 Patient presented with history of an atypical Lyme rash. Patient complains of severe aching throughout his entire body, especially his legs and lower back. He has been experiencing increasing exhaustion and decreased energy. In addition he reports feeling “less sharp” with memory and cognitive functioning. Patient has also been having significant seizure activity […]

Case 12

March 7, 2005 36 year old female who presented to our office complaining of fatigue, muscle aches, neck pain, vertigo, fevers, photosensitivity, tinnitus, a 40lb weight gain, nausea, joint pain in the wrists, knees, elbows and ankles, plantar fascitis, and chest pain. In addition, she been experiencing several cognitive difficulties including word searching, concentration problems, […]

Case 11

10 year old male presents complaining of “bugs crawling all over my body”. He has developed an increasing fear of separating on death. He had a sudden onset in February when he became more and more afraid. As the week progressed, he felt that he was going to disappear, his room was going to catch […]

Case 10

HPI: 43 year old previously healthy male presenting with a history of a tick bite two years ago on his right thigh and again one year ago. Over the past year, he has developed difficulty with his speech (slurring) and weakness. He has an MRI which was negative. Since then he has had increasing symptoms […]

Case 9

HPI: 23 year old female presents complaining of an extensive history of symptoms. In August 2002 she developed a Bell’s Palsy and tested for Lyme disease. She was started on Doxycyline for one month during which time the Bell’s Palsy improved. She was then placed on Tetracycline for 3 months followed by three months of […]